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Are you a newb to…

☕️?????? ??????☕️
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Are you a newb to the coffee world? Well I’m gonna hit you with some basic information to up your knowledge and lingo.

????? ?????????. This drink is believed to have originated during WWII. American soldiers in Italy found the taste of traditional espresso too strong. So, trying to match the strength of their usual drip coffee they decided to add hot water to their espresso shots.. Thus, the Americano was born! As you can see in the graphic, it is simply espresso shots and hot water.

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One of the most common coffee drinks out there. Latte by definition means milk, this is why it’s called the caffe latte, meaning milk and coffee. A latte’s contents are espresso shots, steamed milk, and a small amount of foam. A caffe latte is fairly macro friendly, but being 90% milk, the calories add up quick!

The Cappuccino originated in Vienesse coffee houses in the 1700s. It was titled because of its brown color similar to the robes worn by Capuchin (Kapuzin) friars in Vienna. Over time the Cappuccino has evolved (generally) into the image you see above. Ordering a cappuccino nowadays will get you a beautiful cup of espresso, a little steamed milk, topped with a generous amount of perfect foam. Ask for it “dry” to get a little extra foam!

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This is probably what the majority of you are familiar with! As you can see, this is essentially a latte that’s made up of white mocha sauce, espresso shots, steamed milk, and topped with whipped cream! This is not very macro friendly.. A way to lower the macro count for this drink is to ask for less sauce, no whip, and substitute your milk.

I hope you were able to take away some valuable information and fun facts!

Coffee can get very complex and there’s a lot of science behind it. In the future, expect to get bombed with more info on your fav.
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