Benefits of drinking warm and cold water. . . ・・・ COLD OR WARM WATER When cold …

Benefits of drinking warm and cold water. .
When cold water serves you better?
Exercise: Physical activity elevates core body temperature. Moreover, we lose a lot of water and electrolytes in the process which need to be replenished. Sip cold water to rehydrate the body off lost water and enable it cool down.

Weight Loss: When you are trying to shed the pounds, drink cold water instead of warm water. It boosts metabolism and helps torch calories to aid weight loss. Cold water is not an obesity cure although it does contribute to your weight loss efforts.

When should warm/hot water be considered?
Digestion: If you have digestion troubles too often, drinking warm/hot water can be of great benefit. According to Ayurveda, drinking warm water in the morning helps stimulate digestion.

Detox: Drinking warm water is one of things that can help you get rid of impurities in the body. Health experts recommend drinking warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Lemon water stimulates digestion and flushes toxins. When you drink warm water, you are not only staying hydrated but also receiving its cleansing benefits.

Constipation: One of the foremost reasons behind constipation is dehydration. Drinking warm water when constipated can move things smooth by stimulating blood flow and having a soothing effect in the intestines.
Be it cold or warm water, you should stay hydrated and listen to your body. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. When you’re out in the hot weather, you’ll crave for cold water. Likewise, when sick with a cold, you’ll want hot water.

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Health experts speculate that there are certain occasions where warm water is more appropriate than cold, and vice-versa…VEGAN RULES..??
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