Check @mealplans for more nutrition recipes Casein Waffles with Grilled Peaches…


Check @mealplans for more nutrition recipes Casein Waffles with Grilled Peaches for Breakfast and Bruschetta Chicken for Lunch. The casein waffle recipe is in my story highlights and the Bruschetta Chicken recipe is under the recipes tab on my website!! I’ll link to it in my story ?
The breakfast here can be made in 10 minutes or less and it has outstanding flavor. You wouldn’t think that protein powder and egg whites would make a good waffle but it really does. The peaches were lightly oiled and placed in a grill pan to soften them and mark them up. It just makes it a little nicer on the eye ? You certainly don’t need to grill them. A lot of the carbs from this meal comes from the syrup. You can replace it with homemade jam and it will lower the calories and carbs by a bit. I have an easy recipe for doing this in the same story highlight on my page. .
The Bruschetta Chicken recipe is one that a lot of you guys seem to like. I made a video of myself cooking it and posted it a couple of weeks back. If that would help you to see how to make this recipe, go check it out. When you make meals like this with a piece of chicken or meat that doesn’t have any sauce it is super important you don’t overcook it. You need to remember that you will be reheating it in the microwave and don’t want it to get dry and rubbery. I recommend buying a meat thermometer so you can get your meat to the minimum acceptable temperature and then take it off the heat. I also recommend either butterflying or pounding your chicken to even thickness. This will help it cook more evenly and you can better control the temperature of the meat ?? @hemealprepmanual



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