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Banana Protein Chocolate Frosty. I can’t believe how awesome of a texture of “ice cream” this recipe makes. It honestly like a chocolate frosty from Wendy’s and it tastes great! No added sugar, lots of protein, and the silkiest texture you’re going to find. You guys have to try this one out ??
What’s up you little breakfast sausages? I haven’t been this excited to share a recipe in a long time. This one is something special ?I was experimenting with frozen bananas the other day and I’ve seen others make versions of “nice cream” but I’ve never had the inclination to try it. Dude, I was missing out so badly. This stuff is unreal and it’s so incredibly easy to make, it will be rude of you guys to not try it ? All you have to do to make it is throw the frozen bananas in a blender and turn it on to start churning. Add the milk slowly until you reach your desired consistency. Then add the whey protein powder and cocoa powder to taste. If you like a chocolatey flavor then add more cocoa powder! I tried making it with casein protein as well and using casein makes it even creamier and silkier than whey but the gross casein flavor that comes with the powder when you don’t cook it is still there, so I don’t recommend it.
I use whole milk to make mine but you could use almond milk or skim milk to lower calorie content even further. I think the fat from the whole milk helps with the flavor though so I have to recommend using full fat milk. .
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