Let’s talk about belly fat – We all have it, even people who look like they hav…

Let’s talk about belly fat ??

We all have it, even people who look like they have abs! Well the reality is you can’t really target just one area to reduce fat, but you can reduce fat overall, and some foods help reduce fat more than others! All of these help!

Salmon ? has omega 3’s and helps to burn fat and increase your metabolism!

Avocados ? sometimes get a bad rap because they have a lot of fat. Seems counterintuitive if you’re trying to reduce fat! But they actually have good fat that helps slow your hunger, promote heart health, and reduce overall fat on your body.

Sweet potatoes ? are considered one of the worlds healthiest foods because they have antioxidants and anti inflammatories that help our digestion and processing of foods.

Bananas ? are rich in potassium and have helped me with bloating. They also are dense and keep me full.

Spinach ? is high in vitamins and nutrients and helps to increase iron as well as fiber!

Beets ❤️ lower blood pressure, are anti-cancer, and boost your energy! Especially great on those workout days.

Again, these foods aren’t just going to reduce belly fat, more importantly they will reduce overall fat and they will keep your body healthy, going strong, and help reduce inflammation especially years down the road! And that’s so much more important than just focusing on the belly fat right? It’s all about being your best self and loving your body enough to nourish it with the right foods!
Credits to @caligirlgetsfit

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