Lunch Box inspo #mealguide @mealguide Simple & Delicious ideas. 1-5, which is y…

Lunch Box inspo ??? #mealguide @mealguide Simple & Delicious ideas. 1-5, which is your favourite?!

You guys loveeed the last Lunch Box post, so here’s some more totally delicious ideas? Preparing your lunch can really help you stay on track and is the best feeling :)? Here’s some inspo for this new week☺️❤️

1.A wholefood lunch idea ? strawberries and raspberries, cucumber slices with guac, salad with romaine lettuce and seasoned shrimp ? ⠀
2.Pistachios? and fresh raspberries and snacks. With lunch Grilled courgettes with cheddar cheese cubes ? with peppered salami and rocket salad.

3.Salmon lunch ? berries, 2 eggs and a kale salad with crispy salmon, cucumbers and tomatoes.

4.Delicious Low Carb idea: cucumber pinwheels with goat cheese and prosciutto. Not forgetting dark chocolate ? steamed broccoli, and an arugula salad topped with tomatoes!

5.?Sweet potato gnocchi with pesto, sprouted pumpkin seeds, salmon, spring mix, sliced honeycrisp apples?and some dark chocolate. Pictures by @mad_about_food

Love to know which is your favourite!?
Is it time for lunch!


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