Stay informed with all your favourite Foods! *Swipe to see lots of different foo…

Stay informed with all your favourite Foods!??? *Swipe to see lots of different foods and below for more??‍?:)

Here you can see all fruit has different macros, calories & sugar. Sugar from fruit has the same metabolic result as from chocolate. But the combination of sugar & fibre makes it more likely to satisfy your hunger and it is more nutritious!

Shortbread biscuits have the highest calories and party rings have the lowest! Sure there are more nutritious snacks, but what is life without tea and biscuits..! Any good can be enjoyed as part of a well balanced diet??

An array of low calorie options can easily fit into most diets regularly with relative caloric insignificance. Ice creams that are calorie dense can as well be enjoyed depending on total energy intake.

In terms of calories, white bread is similar to wholemeal & rye. Therefore, you won’t necessarily manage weight better by consuming brown, despite it being less refined. The key difference=fibre.

Protein dense. As you can see, there are lower calorie options for the same or greater protein value.

A selection of healthy foods and their main vitamins, minerals and calories per 100g.⁣

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