Weight Loss – Four Cereals You Can Feel Good About Eating

Weight Loss: This unusual breakfast cereal trick will help you eat ...

It is no secret; breakfast is often the hardest meal of the day to eat healthily and the one meal most people struggle with. If you find yourself stopping for a donut, a croissant, or some other unwise breakfast option, it is time to make a few changes.

Weight Loss: This unusual breakfast cereal trick will help you eat …

Fortunately, not all breakfast cereals are considered bad news. Many on the market are lower in total calories and contain virtually no sugar. Those are the ones you want to help yourself to. Consider mixing whey protein powder with unsweetened vanilla almond milk to combine with your chosen breakfast cereal. This way, you will get a healthy dose of fast and convenient protein to go with your carbs, making the entire meal much smarter.

Here are your go-to options…

1. Plain Oats. It does not get much better than plain oats. If you are looking for a hearty cereal, make this your choice. Plain oats are…

  • rich in fiber,
  • low in calories,

and offers a small dose of protein as well. Best of all, no sugar.

The only catch is you want to get the regular variety, not a flavored type. Then add some flavoring yourself by mixing it with whey protein powder as mentioned above, or without the milk. Add cinnamon, nut butter, or some fresh berries.

2. Puffed Wheat. Everyone knows about puffed wheat squares. While those may not be an appropriate choice for someone who is dieting, the plain cereal is not necessarily a bad option. Puffed wheat is also a small volume of food, meaning you could eat a high amount of it for not too many calories.

As far as dieting goes, this is an excellent choice and one reason to consider getting it into your diet.

3. Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs. If you can find the Kashi line of foods, they make some terrific breakfast cereal options that are sure to please both your taste buds as well as your diet requirements. Their 7 Whole Grain Puffs cereal contains dietary fiber without any sugar.

A one cup serving is a mere 70 calories as well, so even if you eat two cups of this cereal, you are not looking too bad. Add in your almond milk, and you have a tasty snack under 200 calories.

4. Shredded Wheat. Finally, you can opt for plain shredded wheat as well. While we have all seen the flavored wheat squares that are available, despite the fact they do contain dietary fiber, they still provide too much sugar to be considered healthy. Instead, if you opt for the plain shredded wheat, you will be much better off as it contains hardly any sugar and will keep your appetite under control.

There you have four bowls of cereal you may want to consider adding to your healthy eating plan.

Which will you choose to include in your weight loss plan?

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