What’s Your Favourite Thing About Your Morning Routine? ⠀ Successful people shar…

What’s Your Favourite Thing About Your Morning Routine?

Successful people sharing their ‘morning routines’ has become quite a trend and I’ve tried many of them over the past year.

What I’ve learned is that instead of copying some millionaire’s routine, we need to create our own routines. It’s like fitness in the sense that there’s no one size that fits all. We are all unique and so we must find what’s best for our lifestyle.

Some people like getting up earlier and doing a ton of things in the morning; some like to lie in a bit and get more of their work done later in the day.

Experiment with different routines and tailor your own routine.

I’m happy that I tried out different strategies and routines because it helped me finally create one that works for me. I’ve personally found planning my day the day before, to be the most impactful. It saves me the stress of planning it in the morning. I wake up the following day knowing exactly what I need to accomplish.

Before I sleep I’ll write down 3-5 important tasks that need to be accomplished the next day. I don’t write more than 5-6 tasks per day because a day is not enough, and being overwhelmed is counterproductive.

I also don’t always complete my routine every morning, and that’s fine. Aim to be consistent, not perfect. It’s what you do 80% of the time that matters.

Hope that helps, let me know what your morning routine is like, maybe there’s something new I can try. @kyle.fitness_

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