Yesterday I had sandwiches, pasta, and pizza I dunno why, I was just craving re…

Yesterday I had sandwiches, pasta, and pizza ?‍♀️ I dunno why, I was just craving really delicious carbs. Restricting them for like 5 years will do that to you ? and guess what: I DID NOT BINGE‼️In fact, I haven’t binged in years.⠀

But it wasn’t always that easy for me to order pizza on a date night with Mick. Especially not after eating sandwiches and pasta earlier that day!! ? So what changed?⠀

EVERYTHING‼️ But it started off super small. My first steps to eating carbs without binge eating them was to eat them EVEN if I knew it might trigger a binge. Crazy right? ?? BUT IT’S NOT CRAZY.⠀

If I never ate the foods that I avoided for so long because I was scared that it would trigger a binge, I would never be able to stop the binge?restrict CYCLE!⠀

So you have to take those tiny scary steps, even if it means “failing” at first. You have to learn (probably the hard way) that restricting yourself is never the way to stop binge eating for good.⠀

Every time I binged, I learned something… whether I saw it at the time or not. I HAD TO PAY ATTENTION TO MY BINGES TO LEARN HOW TO STOP THEM ? so I started asking myself questions.⠀

What just happened?⠀
Why did I binge?⠀
How was I feeling before I binged?⠀
Was it the food that caused it or was I stressed? Or both?⠀
What can I do differently that would stop this from happening again?⠀

What you LEARN from each binge will tell you how to prevent the next one. And honestly, the answer might not be one you’re ready for. ?? it might mean that the routine you live your life by has to change. And your body might change with it. And you have to know that it’s okay if it does ❤️ and when you are READY TO EMBRACE CHANGE, you will start learning from your binges. And that will be the key to how you stop binge eating. ⠀ ——
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