Dukan Diet Week2

Week 2

Day 8 Monday

Weight: 71.4 kg

Phase: Protein only

I bought the book today hooray for knowledge! I wanted to give my self a week as a trial to see if this was going to work for me before spending money on the book. Hopefully now I can fix any mistakes I’ve been making and get the full story.

Breakfast: Bacon omelete, coffee
Lunch: chicken muffin, paprika chicken in sauce
Dinner: Beef bolognese (no spaghetti)
Snacks: Tea, 1 boiled egg & dukan hollandaise sauce
Dessert: Diet Moose

Exercise: 40min Zumba DVD


Day 9 Tuesday

Weight: 71.0kg (-.4kg)

Phase: Veg + Protein

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg & dukan hollandaise sauce
Lunch: paprika chicken in sauce
Dinner: Steak, veggies and the best mushroom pepper sauce!
Snacks: Dukan pancake wrap – filled with turkey, tomato, mushroom, diet cordial
Dessert: diet hot chocolate, coffee, tea, lemon muffin

Exercise: 30min walk


Day 10 Wednesday

Weight 70.7kg (-0.3)

Phase: Protein only

Wow 70! I haven’t seen it for 2 years how exciting! I can believe it is all happening so fast, I don’t have the largest weight loss numbers each day but they are consistent and soon add up! I went to the Midnight Twilight Eclipse premiere last night so had more snacks than I usually would, I did resist the popcorn though!

Breakfast: 1 egg & dukan hollandaise sauce
Lunch: paprika chicken in sauce
Dinner: Chicken breast with creamcheese and bacon stuffing
Snacks: Yoghurt, large skinny cappuccino.
Dessert: Diet moose, diet cheese cake, 1 peanut m&m, dukan lemon muffin.

Exercise: 20min walk


Day 11 Thursday 1 July

Weight: 70.4 (-0.3kg)

Phase: Protein & veg

Not much of a weight change today probably because of the extra snacks, late night and not much exercise. I’m really tired today so not sure if I’ll have the energy to do a high intensity work out but I’d like to ensure I make it into the 60s tomorrow.

Breakfast: coffee, omelete
Lunch: chicken muffin, steak & mushroom sauce
Dinner: Beef & veggies casserole
Snacks: Yoghurt
Dessert: diet moose

Exercise: none


Day 12 Friday 2nd July 2010

Weight: 70.4 (no loss)

Phase: Protein only

Well no loss today, but I’m not surprised because I didn’t get my walk in, just ran out of time and daylight. It’s winter here in Australia so it gets dark early. I made oat bran porridge today for breakfast and that was really yummy, a nice change from eggs for breakfast! I’ve come down with a cold today, the late nights and huge shift in diet finally caught up with me, there are no mentions of what to do if you get sick on this diet so I am winging it. I’ve allowed my self some vegetables today to help get over the cold faster.

Breakfast: oat bran porridge, surprisingly awesome!
Lunch: left over stew with vegetables, steak with mushroom sauce
Dinner: meatballs in bolognese sauce
Dessert: diet caramel Dessert
Snacks: dukan nutella, tea

Exercise: 10mins on a cross trainer (I didn’t want to over do it with a cold, I did work up a sweat so hopefully there is a small loss or I break even tomorrow.)


Day 13

Weight: 70.6kg (+0.2)

Gained weight today but that was expected because I had 2 vegetable days in a row, I will try to do a protein only day today. I think the sauces I am making is impacting my weight loss and I haven’t been getting in my exercise. I have basically been cruising over the last 3 days due to being unwell, its better to be on the veggie + protein for too long than give up completely. Still no carbs! 🙂

Breakfast: porridge
Lunch: Left over meatballs in can tomato & herb sauce
Dinner: Went out for Japanese, had miso soup, teriyaki beef, chicken salad (no rice), 2 glasses of champagne (oops, back on the attack tomorrow)
Snack: Diet Moose


Day 14 Sunday 4 July

Weight: 70.6 (no change)

Phase: Attack – after a bad day yesterday

Still sick today, actually worse, sore throat has worsened but I must go on, there is weight to be lost and every day counts! I’ve been planning a trip to Thailand for October this year, I have 3 months to be beach ready! It’s a great extra incentive. This diet just feels right any way, I don’t want to cheat, the odd drink and sauce has been a bad habit but I haven’t given in to the big guys like bread, potato, rice and pasta.

Breakfast: oat bran porridge, omlete, yoghurt
Lunch: chicken breast with herbs
Dinner: Steak and vinaigrette dressing
Snack: tea
Dessert: diet lemon cheesecake

Exercise: 30mins cross trainer, 5 x 10 reps of arm weights

Week 2 Round up

Well this week had its ups and downs, I lost 1kg and put some back on finishing with a total of 0.8kg. A great loss! My clothes are looser, I feel smaller, the first place I lost weight was my face, neck and stomach how good is that! I wish I had a better result but really that’s just greedy any normal dieter would be so happy with almost 1kg in a week, I have always had unrealistic expectations of myself but I’m working on it. I still have no desire to give up this diet and I’m feeling stronger than ever, bring on week 3!