Dukan vs Atkins. Which one is better?

The objectives of these two diets are really similar, in fact they are the same. The goal is to lose weight quickly and modify the lifestyle that people have with their long-term diet, in this way to significantly avoid weight gain.

When it comes to meeting the objectives, each of its creators chooses different paths. On the one hand, Dukan focuses on maximum protein consumption and reducing carbohydrates and Atkins recommends the reduction of carbohydrates.

Which diet is better Atkins or Dukan

Each of these diets is effective. It is not a matter of who is better, but what is the diet that your body needs, it has been shown that what is important is the diet that your body needs, because when it is subjected to a diet, large nutrients are lost to the body. that he is used to

The Atkins diet can help you and the Dukan diet can be very effective, but both support your theories, so that each of the people involved will have to take the same precautionary measures as in all diets.

Which diet is better Atkins or Dukan

Differences between Atkins and Dukan

Phase 1:

In this first phase of Dukan’s diet it is known as “attack phase” while for Atkins it is the “induction phase”. In this period foods with a high protein index should be consumed and carbohydrates and fats eliminated. With Atkins only carbohydrates should be reduced.

Phase 2:

This is known as the “cruise phase” in the Dukan diet, its main objective is to get the desired weight and vegetables can be eaten. At Atkins this phase is where carbohydrates are increased from 5 mg to 10 mg.

Phase 3:

This is the “consolidation phase” in the Dukan diet and in the Atkins diet it is the “pre-maintenance phase”. In Dukan the maintenance period begins to definitively establish the changes achieved in the cruise phase.

In Atkins the body is prepared to stay for a while, carbohydrates are reduced considerably to obtain the ideal weight that all people wanted.

Phase 4:
This is known as the “stabilization phase” in Dukan and the “maintenance for life” with the Atkins diet, here we show what were the short, medium and long term achievements of the diet. If it was carried out with a strict regimen, the eating habits will not be the same and it does not have a rebound effect.