Taiwan Healthy Foods -Thick Biscuits


The thick biscuits bought in the previous two days were not eaten. Today, I will make up with the salted soy milk.

Yesterday, my son’s vegetable market was hawking and training. Standing on the road, people coming and going, facing the food market’s mother-in-law, it’s not an easy task to be eager to sell. Even if my mother used to go to the market when she was a child, I don’t remember that I had shouted so seriously.

My son has just started to be a bit simmering. Slowly, he can scream “The orange is so sweet, eat and see.” “Not sweet, no money.” Then he shouted, “Grandma’s oranges are delicious, come and eat.” The progress of the sale is a bit slow, but it is better, let the children feel it, it is not easy to make money. The final collection of special sales, the crowd of people suddenly caught, so that the grandmother laughed and closed their mouths, the last meaning, the payment of 50 yuan, the son is very proud, earned his first salary for life.

Going to the department store in the evening, my son wants to buy this one, but my mother only tells him that you shouted for more than an hour in the morning, and you can’t even buy a gashapon. It is very hard to make money. You have to add more oil and make yourself yourself later. He bought it, he just lost it. I don’t know if he is a piece of business, or just don’t quite understand the shyness of people selling before, but take “making money is not easy, your money is not enough to buy” to block the heart he wants to buy, “in the short term” It’s quite easy to use! Anyway, my grandmother earned a good child laborer. My son earned a job opportunity. My mother earned her son’s real (now) real life practice, and she was very happy!
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