6 minute salmon is my all time favorite meal

6 minute salmon is my all time favorite meal ? Along with just about everything I make because I say this daily ??‍♀️ But for real- one of the best and easiest dinners ? Paired with broccolini (first time making it! Feeling like @sara.haven over here- I’m sure most of you follow her but if you don’t and want to drool daily- follow her ASAP) and my newest obsession which is sautéed kale and mushrooms ? Idk why but whenever I eat one, I have to have the other ? -⠀

I feel like broccolini is so fancy but honestly didn’t like it more than regular broccoli and it’s more expensive so idk if I’ll buy it again ??‍♀️ Or maybe I didn’t make it in the best way- that’s a pretty good possibility ? Still tasted super good but not much different from my frozen $1 bags of broccoli haha. But this salmon really didn’t need any sides to be super amazing because it stole the show ? Haha anyways, I’m finishing up some emails, then heading out to run errands (I feel like since we were snowed in all weekend I didn’t get anything done ?), then watching the Bachelor tonight (my guilty pleasure ?). Hope you guys have a wonderful evening ahead of you!!————————————————————————————- lunch details ?? 6 minute wild caught salmon (from @butcher_box I’ll link a discount code for free salmon in my stories!) cooked in my cast iron grill skillet (coated the salmon with a little bit of garlic powder and onion powder- that’s it. So simple and so good!!) cooked for 3 mins on each side over medium heat in avocado oil. Paired with sautéed kale + mushrooms ? and broccolini that I sautéed in avocado oil with garlic powder for about 10 mins over medium heat

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