BBQ Chicken Tacos with paleo tortillas

BBQ Chicken Tacos with paleo tortillas ?? Best leftovers ever ?? Reheated some BBQ chicken I had left over from a few days ago and paired it with 2 cassava flour tortillas from @sietefoods ??Love these tortillas so much, especially in a little bit of avocado oil to get them nice and crispy ? Really wanted to make a bbq chicken pizza with these leftovers but didn’t have enough so just going to have to make another batch ASAP ? -⠀
Never thought I could love something more than sweet potatoes but I honestly think I like this version better than my original ? But I’ll take them either way ? Spent the day recipe testing and I’m super excited about all the goods coming up in the next week or so ? On cloudy days like today I try to really take advantage of it and shoot a bunch of recipes! I’m not a great food photographer by any means (shoutout to some of my favs @lilsipper @erinliveswhole @rachlmansfield @kalejunkie who always take the prettiest photos!!) but my biggest tip is to shoot when clouds are going by! Helps keep your photos from being shadow-y ?? Let me know if you want me to do a blog post about (very amateur haha) good photography tips! Anyways… Who else is PUMPED for bachelor Monday?! ??‍♀️ -⠀
lunch details ?? Leftover BBQ chicken (recipe a few posts back and on my blog at the link in my bio) + 2 @sietefoods cassava flour tortillas. Simple but delicious!!


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