Eggs, toast, and avocado for a quick breakfast this morning 🤗 Basically the same…

Eggs, toast, and avocado for a quick breakfast this morning 🤗 Basically the same meal as yesterday but with cinnamon raisin toast instead of sweet potatoes 😅🤷🏼‍♀️ Nothing wrong with going back to the basics 😎 Was going to make something fancier but this is what sounded good so I went with it 👌🏻 If you haven’t ever had @foodforlifebaking cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread- you need some in your life 😍 I keep a loaf in my freezer and it lasts for months because Eli doesn’t like it so more for me 😉 I keep all my bread in the freezer because it lasts so much longer and all it requires is popping it in the toaster twice 💯 No food waste over here 🤗
Now the real question is: do you combine everything into a sandwich?! I didn’t, I ended up eating one toast plain and layering avo and egg on the other 😋 I won’t judge you though if you would go the sandwich route 😜 I am so pumped it’s Friday mostly because we’re supposed to get a big snow this afternoon (6-9 inches wooooo) so I’m looking forward to watching movies and drinking hot chocolate all weekend 🤗 But heading to @orangetheory before getting some recipes done + stocking up on alllll the goods 😎 Happy Friday!! #breakfast details 👉🏻 2 slices of @foodforlifebaking cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread 🍞with some ghee on top + 2 eggs fried in avocado oil + 1/2 avocado 🥑 #wholefoods #healthybreakfast #healthyfood



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