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PB chocolate oats ? can we talk about those melty chocolate chips?! I mean I’m pretty sure they’re straight from my dreams ? Paired with Pb- I’d eat this combo every single day ? Cleaning out the fridge so easy oatmeal was the choice ? We don’t have any milk so I had to make them with water which isn’t ideal but then you add alllll the toppings to make up for that ? ⠀
I always give this tip whenever I have a nut butter pool but add some into a little bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds and it makes it sooooo melty and perfect ? Or if you aren’t a microwave fan put it in a little sauce pan on the stove ?? Either way: melt your Pb it’s a game changer ?? Added some @furtherfood collagen into these oats for extra protein and cocoa powder for extra chocolate flavor ? I just love oats because there are a limitless amount of topping options! What’s your go to?! Mine is Pb, banana, and either granola or chocolate ?We’re heading home today so spending the morning getting some work done + cleaning before we head out! happy Wednesday guys! ❤️ ⠀
breakfast details : 1/2 cup @woodstockfoods organic oats + 3/4 cup water (I prefer almond milk but I’m out) + 1 tsp coconut sugar + 1 tsp cocoa powder + 1 scoop @furtherfood collagen. Topped with organic Pb + @enjoylifefoods dairy free chocolate chunks + banana with cinnamon ❤️


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