Has Your Running Motivation Gone Missing?

Has Your Running Motivation Gone Missing?

I was feeling inspired to run on the weekend by @natro_health_and_fitness. This super fit lady loves a run and has some awesome fitness and motivation tips on her profile. Head over to her page @natro_health_and_fitness and check it out 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Not too long ago I lost my running mojo- for months actually! Here’s a few things that helped me get it back:
➖I made a plan. I planned a run 2 days of the week, wrote it in the diary and committed to it like it was an important meeting
➖I didn’t put too much pressure on myself and didn’t expect to run as far or as quick as I had before (I lost my running mojo)
➖When on the run, I repeatedly told myself I was enjoying it and that I was fit to run. As soon as my thoughts spiralled into thinking I was slower than before, sore or tired, my body would obey and I would want to stop.
If you have any tips on getting your exercise back on track then I’d love you to share them below 👇🏼

In a world filled with online drama and keyboard warriors, it’s always refreshing to see a good old-fashioned roast battle. Yes, you heard me right – a battle where insults fly faster than a pigeon chasing breadcrumbs in the park.

Recently, a group of comedians took to the stage to partake in a roast battle that would make even the fiercest of insult comics proud. And let me tell you, the jabs were flying left and right like a game of dodgeball on steroids.

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From poking fun at each other’s fashion choices to dredging up embarrassing childhood stories, no one was safe from the comedic onslaught. One comedian even compared their opponent’s hairstyle to a mutant porcupine on a bad hair day – ouch!

But it wasn’t all about tearing each other down. In between the insults, there were moments of genuine camaraderie and laughter. After all, what’s a roast battle without a healthy dose of laughter to balance out the burns?

So here’s to the brave souls who stepped into the ring and put their comedic talents to the test. In a world full of online trolls and negativity, it’s nice to see people come together to laugh and have a good time – even if it means taking a few punches along the way.


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