mom and son plate

mom and son plate

Do you eat your kid’s leftovers? Yes or no? ?⠀
I get a lot of questions about what happens to the food that is leftover from making cute bentos. Or the food that my kids don’t touch. Or the food that my kids only take one bite of. Nothing glamorous: I eat it. Or I put it in my hubby’s lunch and make him eat it. ? Let’s just say, since having kids, it takes a lot more to gross me out than before. I mean, if the kid has already sneezed point blank in my face, then who cares if I eat the lunch he sneezed on? ?‍♀️?? ⠀⠀
Eating their leftovers does prevent a lot of food waste. I think of it as taking one for the team so that they can learn to eat in a no-pressure environment. ?⠀


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