Shrimp loaded sweet potato ? Threw a sweet potato in the oven right when I woke …

Shrimp loaded sweet potato ? Threw a sweet potato in the oven right when I woke up and then reheated it later on for lunch ?? Then I just made the shrimp which takes 15 mins in the oven ?? A great meal prep lunch or dinner option too ? I always make a bunch of sweet potatoes at once to have on hand throughout the week ?? Then you just make whatever toppings you want: shrimp, eggs, or make them sweet for breakfast ? Couldn’t resist loading them up with allll the avocado and shrimp (such an underrated combo tbh) ? –

I keep saying it but I’m truly so excited for this year! I’m normally not a huge “New year new me” person but I am just amped for all the exciting things ahead! Number 1 on that list: getting married ? and number 2 is convincing Eli to get a puppy ?? What are you most excited about for the new year?! I love seeing what other people have planned! I also have been creeping hard on everyone’s resolutions ? Sometimes resolutions get a bad rep but they can be beneficial, fun, and healthy if done right! Anyways, I hope no matter what’s in store for you all this next year you navigate it with a good attitude and a grateful heart ❤️ Happy New Year one last time ?
#lunch details baked sweet potato (bake for 50-60 mins at 400F, I poked holes with a fork first) + baker shrimp (400F for 15 mins with @primalpalate new bae seasoning) + sautéed spinach + avocado + tomato + red pepper flakes #paleo #glutenfree #paleofood
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