Simple Salmon Piccata⠀

By @cleanfoodcrush⠀⠀
{NEW} Simple Salmon Piccata 🐟🌱🍋 ⁣⠀⠀
A super IMPRESSIVE Sunday Dinner idea that is pretty darn easy to make!⁣⠀⠀
If you’ve been a friend of CFC for a while, you probably know that piccata has my heart as THE ULTIMATE “nicer” meal idea for “date-night in”, Sunday dinner, company, or holidays.⁣⠀⠀
It’s just my fave!⁣⠀⠀
This entire meal can come together in under a half an hour, but you’ll receive praise as if you just cooked for HOURS!⁣⠀⠀
I typically only make this dish when I’m perusing the meat & seafood counters and notice wild-caught salmon is on SALE….then it’s on!⁣⠀⠀
Serve over rice, with a side of roasted broccoli 🤤⁣⠀⠀
makes 4 servings⁣⠀⠀
Ingredients: 4 ,5 or 6-ounce wild caught salmon fillets⁣⠀⠀
sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste, about 1/4 teaspoon each ⁣⠀⠀
2 Tbsps ghee, or clarified grass fed butter ⁣⠀⠀
3 fresh garlic cloves, minced ⁣⠀⠀
1/2 cup white wine⁣⠀⠀
1/2 cup chicken bone broth⁣⠀⠀
1 Tbsp gluten free flour or potato starch ⁣⠀⠀
4 Tbsps capers⁣⠀⠀
juice of 1 fresh lemon⁣⠀⠀
zest of 1 small fresh lemon ⁣⠀⠀
fresh parsley leaves, chopped⁣⠀⠀
additional fresh lemon slices to garnish⁣⠀⠀
Sprinkle your salmon with sea salt and pepper, then rub it in on both sides. ⁣⠀⠀
Melt the ghee in a large skillet over medium heat. ⁣⠀⠀
Add in your salmon fillets and cook for 4 minutes on each side, or just until cooked through and flaky. ⁣⠀⠀
Remove salmon from pan, and set aside on a large platter. Cover.⁣⠀⠀
In that same pan, add in your minced garlic and cook about 1 minute. ⁣⠀⠀
Stir in your white wine and simmer until wine is reduced a bit, about 3 minutes.⁣⠀⠀
Meanwhile, in a small bowl whisk your broth with the flour/starch until well combined.⁣⠀⠀
Pour this mixture into the hot pan while stirring until everything is combined.⁣⠀⠀
Finally, stir in capers, lemon juice and your fresh lemon zest. ⁣⠀⠀
Bring everything to a low simmer and stir constantly until sauce thickens, about a minute.⁣⠀⠀
Return the salmon back into your skillet, and cook for a couple of minutes



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