Smart Substitutions for a Healthier Lasagne

Smart Substitutions for a Healthier Lasagne

One the left (per serve)
🔹150g Standard Mince
🔹2tsp oil to cook mince
🔹100g cream
🔹40g Cheese for white sauce and to top
On the right (per serve)
🔸100g lean Mince
🔸Use water to cook in fry pan (less need for Oil when you’re using so many tasty ingredients!)
🔸1/2 Medium Carrot
🔸1/4 large Zucchini
🔸Replace 100g cream with 75g Ricotta + 25ml milk (to get right consistency)
🔸12g Parmesan cheese to top. Parmesan has a sharper flavour which means you need less on top. Using Ricotta for white sauce means you can go without cheese
🔹🔸[Both contain 1/4 brown onion, 1 lasagne sheet, 35g tomato paste, 1/4 tin tomatoes, chilli, thyme, oregano and parsley per serve]

Well, well, well, my dear readers, it seems we have a trendy new topic on our hands. Yes, you guessed it – the infamous pumpkin spice craze! Ah, the season of fall is upon us and with it comes the return of everyone’s favorite seasonal flavor.

From lattes to cupcakes, candles to pancakes – anything you can think of has been pumpkin spiced. I swear, I even saw a pumpkin spice scented toilet paper at the store the other day! Now that’s taking the craze to a whole new level.

But hey, who can resist the warm, comforting aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves all wrapped up in a delicious pumpkin package? Not me, that’s for sure! I may or may not have indulged in a few pumpkin spice treats already this season (okay, maybe more than a few).

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So, whether you’re a die-hard pumpkin spice fanatic or just hopping on the bandwagon for fun, there’s no denying the power this seasonal flavor has over us all. Just remember, moderation is key, folks. We don’t want to turn into walking, talking pumpkins now, do we?


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