Here is a collection of different Asian inspired meal preps. Out of all of the r…

Here is a collection of different Asian inspired meal preps. Out of all of the recipes I have developed, Asian style preps take up the largest percentage of the total. This is for a few reasons. Number 1, I believe they reheat the best. Number 2, I like them. Number 3, it’s what I know best so it’s easier for me to develop these recipes. ⁣

Starting from the top row moving left to right, here’s where to find the recipes:⁣

Sambal Honey Chicken. June 24 on my feed. ⁣

Chicken Tikka Masala. July 14 on my feed. ⁣

Chamorro Chicken. The Meal Prep Manual 2nd Edition eBook ⁣

Asian Turkey Bowls. The Meal Prep Manual-60 Minute Meals ⁣

Orange Chicken. The Meal Prep Manual-60 Minute Meals ⁣

Chicken Pancit. June 1 on my feed. ⁣

The reason I think that Asian style meals work better for meal prepping is because many of them incorporate some type of sauce on the meats. Why does this matter? Because it will heat more evenly in the microwave and this prevents desiccation. The reason why plain chicken breast suck after heating in the microwave is because they don’t have a lot of fat and no fat means no moisture. Microwaves heat your food by exciting the water molecules and generating heat through molecular friction. Those water molecules then heat the surface around it. So if you have sauce surrounding the meat it provides a layer of moisture to heat a piece of meat more evenly. This is why Soup reheats super well in the microwave and why lean meats suck. ⁣

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