Kuih muih – bite sized snacks⁣?⁣Happy Sunday, friends?. Kuih muih is a Malay w…


Kuih muih – bite sized snacks⁣?

Happy Sunday, friends?. Kuih muih is a Malay word that usually means bite-sized snacks and they can be sweet or savory. These used-to-be homemade snacks are now widely available for purchase at hawker stalls and cafes around the cities. Most of them are gluten-free and made from coconut, either coconut sugar, coconut shred or coconut milk. ⁣

I have recipes for some of these snack and will attempt to make others when I return to US.⁣

Starting from top left corner:⁣

•Kuih dadar/Dadar gulung – coconut milk crepe with pandan juice flavor and wrapped with sweet fine coconut shreds.⁣ ⁣
•Kuih seri muka – Seri muka means pretty face is a two layer cake usually made with steamed glutinous rice as the bottom layer. The blue hue is from butterfly pea flower juice, and the top layer is usually green with pandan but this one is yellow⁣

•Pulut panggang – grilled glutinous rice (see my recipe from few posts back) with spicy coconut filling wrapped in banana leaf⁣

•Onde Onde – coconut balls, very similar to mochi, are made with glutinous rice flour with coconut sugar filling then rolled into more shredded coconut. ⁣

•Kuih Lapis (red and white multi layer) means layered cake, usually have 9 layers and each layer is steam separately. Time consuming but super delicious

• Red bean cake⁣ – made with cooked red beans with mixture of rice flour and steamed.

•Kuih talam (green and white layer) – pandan layered cake.

•Taro layer cake (purple and taro layer)⁣

•Kuih Bingka – tapioca cake with sweetened shredded coconut layer⁣

•Pulut Inti – glutinous rice sweetened with coconut milk and top with sauted coconut shreds wrapped in banana leaf (see recipe few posts back)⁣ I can’t wait to make some of these soon and share with you all? .⁣
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