️ Natural may not equal healthy.? We live in a society where marketing plays a…

⚠️ Natural may not equal healthy
? We live in a society where marketing plays a huge role in our nutrition. Most companies mask many of their processed products with messages in their labels such as “Natural”, “Low-Fat”, “Fat-Free” to make it look “healthy” or with more health benefits.
? These are just two examples of many where you can see two same products (Peanut Butter) with almost identical label “Natural Peanut Butter”, but when we check their “Nutrition Facts” and “Ingredients”, we see big differences in between them;
?? First one, it looks great from outside, it says “Low Sodium”, “Natural”, “90% peanuts” so, what can go wrong buying this good? Well, it is a bad processed food because it contains “Sugar” and the worst one “Palm oil” which is considered dangerous because its saturated fats.
?? On the other hand, we have a product which look good also from the outside and checking it “Nutrition Facts” and “Ingredients” we see how this product is of better quality in terms of macronutrients, micronutrients, and ingredients than my first example.
✔️Takeaways from today’s post; Please, read the nutrition facts and ingredients, not just the front. .
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