{NEW} Chocolate Nice Cream Cups Cold homemade freezer treats for HOT days.The…

{NEW} Chocolate Nice Cream Cups ??? Cold homemade freezer treats for HOT days.

These are really FUN & pretty simple to make.
Get your kids in the kitchen making these alongside you!
Silicone muffin trays just make removing frozen treats SO much easier, so grab you one on Amazon!

If you’re using a regular muffin tin, then you’ll probably need to set the bottom of the tin in warm water for a few seconds to get your treats out after freezing.

makes 6 cups

4 sliced FROZEN ripe bananas
4 Tbsps unsweetened almond or coconut milk
2 tsps pure vanilla extract
2 Tbsps all natural cacao powder
1 or 2 scoops vanilla or chocolate protein powder of choice (totally optional)

To decorate:
1 fresh banana, sliced to place on top immediately before freezing, as shown

Add all ingredients into your food processor, or high-speed blender and blend or pulse just until smooth. Often, I’ll need to stop the blender to scrape down the sides a few times until everything is nicely combined.

Fill a silicone cupcake mold with your “nice” cream mixture, then top each cup with fresh banana slices, as shown if desired.

Freeze for about 4 hours or overnight.

Remove from molds and enjoy immediately, or wrap in plastic and store in your freezer for up to a week! ❤Rachel



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