#saturdaystack is looking F L U F F Y but seriously pancakes are my weakness!! W…


#saturdaystack is looking F L U F F Y ??but seriously pancakes are my weakness!! Waffles are good, but there’s just nothing like cutting into a fluffy stack ?? Also, I’m going to need about 100 more jars of this @kweenandco granola butter because it’s THAT good! Seriously going to put it on every single thing I can ? I’m about to head out to grocery shop and hopefully pick up a @simplemills cake mix and icing because I’m planning on making my sister and I’s birthday cake tomorrow ?? Happy WEEKEND friends!! #hannahharvestinghealth
Pancake dEATs: 1/3 cup @kingarthurflour pancake mix (prepared with the other ingredients on the box) and then I also added 1 tbsp. coconut flour and 1 tbsp. almond flour to get more better cause why not?! Topped it with @kweenandco granola butter, strawberries, and unsweetened shredded coconut! Also took a little ‘behind the scenes’ pic if ya swipe left ? Love my little photography setup in my room ??
“Slow your pace, for just a moment. Stay in the stillness—retreat to quiet, where My voice is what you seek. Become conditioned to it, accustomed to moments of silence and openness and listening.”



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