So if you saw my story yesterday about the 100 day goal, I am setting one today!…


So if you saw my story yesterday about the 100 day goal, I am setting one today! Goal setting has always been something I have loved (I’ve set weekly goals for a while now) because having that one thing to look to keeps me motivated in the best possible way. This time is a little different though in that I hope to turn this goal into a lifestyle –> starting today I am going gluten and dairy free & I am starting a grateful journal (thanks for the idea @shapedupshelley ❤️). I’m going gluten free and dairy free for no other reason than in hopes that my stomach will start feeling better. The pain/discomfort isn’t bad, but I definitely think I will start to notice a difference (as well as a difference in my skin). I’m so excited to take this on and I hope you will join me in this 100 day goal setting or even life goal!! If you do want to participate, I’m making a hashtag because I want to see yours! Harvesting my health is so important to me and will definitely be seen through these goals so use the hashtag #harvestinghealthgoal so I can see your posts 💛 I will be doing 2 blog posts through this (one at day 50 and one at day 100) to share how I feel and the differences I notice! Happy Tuesday friends!
Breakfast –> I used @other_foods GF waffle mix and mixed in a @crazyrichardspb powder PB packet! Topped it with @madhavasweet maple syrup flavored agave and strawberries 🍓 .
Philippians 4:13 “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.”



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