​#ad According to statistics from @londonrecyclesuk, almost a third of Londoners…


​#ad According to statistics from @londonrecyclesuk, almost a third of Londoners say they have ‘bin shame’ and would be embarrassed for others to see how messy their bins are at home. I’m not proud to admit that I’m a contributor to that statistic. Even when I separate things for recycling, my kids trying to be super helpful (bless their hearts) put what they consider rubbish, but should be recycled into the main bin. If I catch it early enough, I separate it, if not, the bin becomes a frightful mess. Paper and plastic bottles are usually the worst offenders for us. I’ve now got coloured recycling bags that clearly state what should be recycled in each. Thankfully my kids think it is a fun game and are happily playing along. #recycleforlondon We should all make a conscious effort to recycle regularly. We are not perfect at it in my household, but we are certainly improving on a daily basis. Head over to https://www.recycleforlondon.com/one-bin-rubbish to get more information about recycling and how can you do your part to enhance recycling in London #OneBinisRubbish




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