・・・ 9 FRUITS LOWEST IN SUGAR by @leticiatown . Do you have health issues that c…

? 9 FRUITS LOWEST IN SUGAR ?by @leticiatown
?Do you have health issues that cause you to be aware of how much sugar you intake? Maybe you have a family history of diabetes or other illnesses that require that your sugar intake is watched?
?If so, I know it can be difficult to know which foods you should eat and which you shouldn’t. For instance, we all know that fruit is healthy, but they also can pack a lot of natural sugars with them which can be an issue with those that suffer from high blood sugar.
?Or if you are someone like me that watches your carbohydrate and sugar intake, then it is important to know what you should and shouldn’t be eating.
?So that is why I’m bringing you a list of low sugar fruits. That way you will know which fruits are actually known for their low sugar content, and you will no longer have to guess.
Which is your favorite? Let me know! ??


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