395 calories vs. 809 calories Weight Loss or Weight Gain with Maple Sriracha Mea…


395 calories vs. 809 calories
Weight Loss or Weight Gain with Maple Sriracha Meatballs? ??❔

?The caloric values for weight loss and weight gain are different for everyone?

These images are not a “one size fits all” solution??They are meant to show what it COULD look like if you wanted to make the #meals more #weightloss or weight #gain friendly ?

So what’s the difference between these two meals? At first glance it would seem that they aren’t all that different but for a 400 calorie difference there has to be some stuff other than what meets the eye. And there is! On the weight loss side the Meatballs are made from ground turkey and the quantity is less than on the right. If you want to eat the same kind of #foods during your #weight loss then you have to #eat less. Of course you can maintain a similar volume of food but to do so you need to fill your dishes with less calorie dense #ingredients like #vegetables … The weight loss side is also served on top of a bed of #zucchini #noodles … These provide some of the volume in the #meal to help keep you fuller. It is *nearly* impossible to overeat vegetables? even in weight loss, because the chances you eat enough to sway your relationship to calorie balance is not very likely.

The right side is made with ground #pork instead of turkey. Ground pork is used a lot in #Asian #cuisine and it is much more flavorful than ground turkey. It has more moisture and #fat than #turkey which makes it a better choice for weight gain. Ground pork is much higher in #calories than ground turkey. The quantity of #meatballs you make also helps to increase the #calorie load of the meal. The biggest difference between these two meals is the base. The weight gain has a cup of white #rice instead of the zucchini noodles which adds lots of #carbohydrates to help replenish your glycogen stores and prepare your #body for your next workout :] Thank you to @themealprepmanual for this awesome calorie visual!
Any questions? I would love to answer below?
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