#AD|Call me naive (or ignorant if you prefer), but I never realised that restaur…


#AD|Call me naive (or ignorant if you prefer), but I never realised that restaurants bin perfectly good food at the end of the day if they’re not sold 😧. I was recently introduced to the app from @toogoodtogo.uk which allows you to get food from local retailers with fresh, unsold food at a significantly discounted rate, to prevent it from going to waste. Seriously, how good is that?!🙌🏾 I went to rescue some food from my local @yosushi this evening… you can go check out the awesome + delicious #vegan platter I got!
The lady who attended to me at Yo! told me this app has been available for years 😮, I totally missed the memo! The best bit? She hinted I could get cupcakes from Lola’s as they also participate in the scheme. You can bet I grabbed myself a deal 🤣
If you also missed the memo, go download the app, it is available on Apple and on Android. Seriously guys, apart from grabbing yourself some fantastic food bargains 😋, you’d be really helping the fight against food waste! Let’s do this ✊🏾. #toogoodtogo #foodwaste #ad #sustainablefood




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