All fresh fruit is good. We all know this. Fruit with a high sugar content is al…


All fresh fruit is good. We all know this. Fruit with a high sugar content is also good in the sense that it will provide us with nutrients, energy and hydration. However (not to put a downer on it), fruit still contains calories – some higher, some lower just like any food. Food is Food after all. In simple terms, when it comes to body composition, it doesn’t matter whether calories derive from a fresh banana, broccoli or a deep fried mars bar. “But isn’t the sugar in fruit is better because it’s natural sugars Graeme?” No. What you mean is that the sugar from fruit occurs naturally in a food which is nutrient/fibre dense and good for your overall health. But sugar is sugar and it also amounts to calories. Calorie balance determines body composition. P.s. When it comes to health – probably best to give the deep fried mars bar a miss😝… –

Here is a selection of low sugar (therefore low calorie) fruit. Simply put, consuming measured portions of these more often, instead of the higher sugar (and calorie) fruits, will result in consumption of fewer calories. Simple.

All fruit is nutritious, but regular consumption of some rather than others may aid your calorie deficit a little more, if that’s the aim. Eat any fruit you enjoy, but be aware of what you are consuming. Whilst you know fruit is good for your long term function and health, don’t assume that blind, unmeasured consumption of it is going to be good for your body composition. –

Which one is your favourite? I’m having the blueberries, raspberries and the peach 😎😎

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