Benefit boosting foods Food influences our health in complex & interactive ways…

Benefit boosting foods ? Food influences our health in complex & interactive ways. Some foods when paired together will not only maximize each others’ benefits, but also provide new benefits when combined. ?.
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Synergistic foods help us get the optimum level of nutrients that the body needs to function properly. “You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb”.

1️⃣Almonds + Yogurt
Vitamins A, D, and E (fat-soluble vitamins) are activated & absorbed best when eaten w/ fat. Olive oil is also a great option to pair with other sources of these vitamins (fish, greens, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc).
2️⃣Tomatoes & Avocados:
Tomatoes contain the carotenoid lycopene, which may decrease the risk of some cancers. Healthy fats make carotenoids more bioavailable.
3️⃣ Blueberries & Grapes:
Antioxidant effects of consuming a combo of fruits are synergistic. The same goes for mixing up antioxidant-rich veggies as well??
4️⃣Garlic + Fish:
There’s a synergy of nutrients inside a piece of fish: its minerals help make the best use of the anti-inflammatory fish oils EPA & DHA. Garlic itself has a long list of benefits. Together the combo helps reduce LDL cholesterol as well.
5️⃣Green Tea and Lemon:
Vitamin C helps body absorb antioxidants in the green tea up to 6x more than what you would get if you drank it alone. Study -participants that had tea daily for 4 weeks while weight training showed a significant increase in lean body mass & resting metabolic rate, in contrast to the control group.
6️⃣Eggs and Cheese:
Vitamin D in egg yolks maximizes the absorption of the calcium in cheese. Sufficient calcium in the body will promote neurotransmitter health (mood/focus) & stabilize hormones to reduce PMS & weight gain.

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