Breakfast vs. breakfast – it might sound crazy but you do not need your Cheerios…


Breakfast vs. breakfast – it might sound crazy but you do not need your Cheerios or Weetabix alongside orange juice which has the equivalent of 9 teaspoons of sugar!

Great comparison by @meowmeix✨
Even if you’re not an eggs’ fan, there are so many high protein, lower sugar ways to start your day. A quality protein shake with some healthy fats & greens, greek yogurt with fruit or even a clean protein shake or smoothie bowl or even my overnight chia seed or oats recipes.
When it comes to fruit, eating fruit is a much better low calorie and high fiber option. While you could easily drink 11.5 oz of orange juice, you most likely would not eat 3.5 oranges in one sitting (the equivalent in calorie amount).
More info on each side below:
Left side:
2 cups cereal
1 cup milk
11.5 oz orange juice
Right side:
2 medium boiled eggs
1/2 avocado
1 raw bell pepper
1 small orange
Even if you think your doing yourself a favour by opting for the low calorie special K “challenge” type cereals with their pathetic recommended serving size it will not be sustainable and most likely create a huge burden to your body and mental health.
Sugar is not the enemy and the sugar contained in whole food is not created. Selecting food in its whole form will naturally negate a lot of these issues and provide additional health and satiety benefits. FYI, eating cereal does not make you a bad person either
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