Check out @caloriedetails for more like this. – Let’s talk WHAT FLEXIBLE DIETING…

Check out @caloriedetails for more like this.

Let’s talk ??WHAT FLEXIBLE DIETING REALLY IS ? ? Flexible dieting isn’t all pop tarts and icecream, in its best practice flexible dieting is a balance of 80% nutrient dense food and 20% food for the soul.
The simple science:
Quite simply if you want to: ?LOSE weight you need to be in a calorie deficit (eating less then you’re expending energy wise). If you want to ?GAIN weight then you need to be in a calorie surplus (eating more than you’re expending energy wise). If you want to ?MAINTAIN your weight then you need to be consuming the same energy (calories) as your Total Daily Energy Expenditure – which is what you burn on a daily basis inclusive of your activity.
Why macros ? ? ? are important when flexible dieting:
Your macronutrient intake – so your protein, fats and carbs, is as important as caloric consumption given the role that macros play in your body composition (ideally when losing fat you want to be retaining muscle while dropping body fat) and overall health.
Why micronutrients are important:
Micronutrients support the body’s many physiological functions. A lot of stereotypical ‘junk food’ lacks in these micronutrients and the deficiency in these requirements is why many Flexible Dieters can’t get away with meeting their intake requirements through junk and treat foods alone.
Benefits of flexible dieting:
✅RESULTS: Hitting YOUR intake requirements (if your goal intake is set right) achieving results.
✅EATING TO PREFERENCE: Enjoying foods of your choice!
✅EAT WHEN YOU WANT: Meal timing does not effect results! ✅DINING OUT: Flexible dieting gives tools to make allowances & guesstimate so dining out is possible while dieting! ✅MANAGE EATING DISORDERS: Flexible dieting allows you to build a better relationship with food through minimising restrictions and therefore managing binge eating, blow outs & food avoidance. The flexible dieting experts ??

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