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Different Types of Apples??⠀
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The sad truth is that while there are dozens of fruits and vegetables, there’s only one variety of blueberry for sale, one type of corn, one version of broccoli.⠀

If you’re lucky, you’ll find two options for peaches and maybe even a bonus pile of pluots (plums + apricots). This wasn’t always true, of course; there were once tens or hundreds of breeds of every fruit and veggie you can think of.⠀

But in the name of efficiency, modern production has streamlined our choices.⠀

Apples are a different story though. Thanks to entrepreneurial growers and a generous helping of luck, most grocery stores have a different types of apples.⠀

While that’s nothing compared to the 15,000 breeds that once grew in the US, it illustrates a diversity success story still unfolding. The following are just a sampling of the countless breeds you’ll find in markets every fall.⠀

Take an autumnal tour through the dappled, triumphant story of this icon of health on the list above.⠀
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