Do you ever get meals catered at work? We used to get pizza every Friday at the …


Do you ever get meals catered at work? 🍕We used to get pizza every Friday at the last office job I had. At prior jobs we had pizza AND bagels 2x a week.
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⁣ 😔Free office food was a huge pain point for me. On one hand, it was free! 💸On the other hand, pizza and bagels every week made me feel so bad physically. It wasn’t an ideal way to nourish myself (and that’s one of the main reasons I started meal prepping). Plus, the free office food played a huge part in the binge and restrict cycle I was trapped in back then.

👇🏼Finally I realized that…

1) I could PLAN to eat the pizza at work by not bringing lunch that day. Then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about wasting food or feel guilty about eating 2 lunches (thanks, diet culture)

2) The only reason wanted the pizza so bad is that I was RESTRICTING myself. In my head, pizza was “bad” and off limits. The office pizza was my chance to stuff 3 slices in my face before going “back to clean eating.” ❌ My relationship with food was unnecessarily stressful.

And 3) once I gave myself permission to eat the office pizza, I realized it actually wasn’t that good quality in terms of flavor and texture. If I want pizza, I want a GOOD pizza, not just because it’s there and it’s free. I’d rather pay for the good stuff and be even more intentional about enjoying it- somewhere that’s not at my desk in an office.

👍🏼So I went back to bringing meal preps on most (not all) Friday’s because my home cooked food was actually more appealing to me than the mediocre free office pizza.

👇🏼Looking forward to discussing this more and what your experience has been in the comments.

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