Do you suffer from ‘bin-digestion’ aka the need to pile up your recycling around…


Do you suffer from ‘bin-digestion’ aka the need to pile up your recycling around a rubbish bin because of limited storage space? If so, I feel your pain! I recently welcomed these recycling bags into my life, and they’ve quickly become my saving grace. I can easily throw appropriate bits into each one, throw them out as I leave the house and then fold them away once they’re empty. That translates to no clutter around the main bin, a much tidier kitchen and on a larger scale a lower carbon footprint.

You don’t have to buy separate bags as I’ve done here, you can always use an old basket or use one of those ‘bags for life’ to store bottles, plastic, cans and paper. The colourful ones I have work great because they encourage my kids to get involved.

I’m glad to be working with @londonrecyclesuk to promote the conversation about recycling in London. If you would like to learn more tips about recycling, please head over to: #recycleforlondon #ad




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