Fat Loss vs Weight Loss ⠀ Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right bu…

??Fat Loss vs Weight Loss??

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right but the scale is not moving or has even gone up? ?

Yes I’ve been there and have been very frustrated when this happens. However, once you look at the science behind it and realised that it’s a very normal thing to occur, then you’ll be less stressed when this happens.

Your weight will fluctuate everyday and may even on an hourly basis. This is why I encourage people to weigh themselves every morning and then take an average measurement at the end of the week.

When your fat cells lose fat, it will then begin to maintain it’s size by filling up with water.

This can happen over a day or even a few days. So not seeing the scale move everyday is totally normal.

You can be losing fat even though your weight is staying the same.

Once water is released from the cells, your weight will go down.

Weightloss will come in waves, so be patient and stay consistent.
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