First we look , then we eat! Binge eating disorder? Then please read! ⠀ What is …

First we look ?, then we eat?!
Binge eating disorder? Then please read!?⬇️

What is the very first thing we do before we have a bite? Smell? Taste? Touch? Or see?

✨When we go grocery shopping, Why do we feel tempted to go with the more expensive brands packaging, why do we want to pick the best looking vegetables and fruits? Why do we match our shoes to our clothes or, put on makeup and comb our hair? Why does nature have a healing effect? …Why do those “Instagram” pictures have to look Perfect + Pretty all the time (You see those “Instagram” vs “Reality” posts?!).

By far the most important organs of sense are our eyes and we perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight. We are usually attracted by the beauty. If we put effort to look good in order to feel good, why wouldn’t we put an extra effort on our food? ??‍♀️Especially if your priority is nutrition!?

?‍♀️?YOU DESERVE to look good, to have matching shoes with your pretty dress? ..But, don’t you forget, you also deserve to have nutritious and well presented plates to nourish your body and soul!☯️

A study by??‍? gastrophysicist Professor Charles Spencer at the Oxford University has proved that making something look good makes it effectively taste better too. If you have binge eating disorder, you might want to start working on the presentation of your foods. If your eyes are satisfied enough, your stomach may be too! Don’t forget to chew your food and eat slow!

Would love to see your beautiful plates! Don’t forget to tag me!☺️
❤️Thanks to @fitwomeneat for this wonderful graphic.
Happy weekend guys!
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