Get ready for a chill Smoothie Saturday with all the action you need!

Get ready for a chill Smoothie Saturday with all the action you need!

Happy Smoothie Saturday everyone! I am absolutely buzzing with excitement right now after hitting a personal record at @flywheelsports this morning and making it onto the board. It’s always such a great feeling to see progress and push yourself to new limits. To celebrate this achievement, I whipped up a delicious dual smoothie bowl featuring both butternut-turmeric cauliflower and beet lemon cauliflower flavors. To sweeten it up, I used lemon @nunaturals stevia drops for a tasty twist.

I topped off my smoothie bowl creation with a dollop of @kitehillfoods almond milk yogurt, a generous drizzle of @georgiagrinders cashew butter, a sprinkle of @wildwayoflife granola, some shredded coconut, and a handful of fresh berries. It’s important to refuel your body after a tough workout, so I always make sure to include a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in my post-exercise meals.

For my protein boost, I used @nuzest_usa vanilla protein powder (and you can use code INFINITEFOOD15 for a 15% discount!). To make my cashew milk, I used a @elliesbest nut milk bag (and you can use code STAR10 for a discount) which always helps me achieve that creamy texture. Lastly, I added some @sportsresearch beef gelatin for that extra collagen boost to support muscle repair and recovery.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday so far! I’m looking forward to spending time with my best friend this afternoon and enjoying a big family dinner tonight since my mom is in town visiting. It’s always important to make time for loved ones and delicious food, right? Sending lots of love and positivity your way on this beautiful day. 😍😍

Let’s keep the good vibes going and remember to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically. Whether it’s through challenging workouts, nourishing meals, or quality time with loved ones, find what brings you joy and fulfillment. Here’s to a great weekend ahead filled with happiness, health, and lots of smoothie bowls! Cheers to you all! 🥳🚴🍓🥥🙌


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