Hands up if you agree! by @no.food.rules ⠀ . ⠀ So, I was watching the news the o…


Hands up if you agree!?? by @no.food.rules ✨⠀
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So, I was watching the news the other morning ?and heard something disturbing… They were talking about adding how much exercise you’d need to do to burn something off onto the nutrition label…… you can’t see, but my head is about to explode RN. ?⠀
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Saying that I hate this is an understatement. You need to eat food just to live, even if you aren’t exercising! ?‍♀️I mean, that’s like picking up a cookie/muffin/sandwich/etc. and saying “Welp, haven’t ran X miles, better not put any energy into my body!” ?The result? Ya gonna starve. ?‍♀️⠀
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Remember, you deserve to eat just by living. And food is more than just calories, anyway. ??⠀
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Eat the Christmas cookie ?without worry or thinking about how you can “burn it off” or “earn it”.⠀




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