Happy New Month Lovelies • Party season is officially here, aka December . In Ni…


✨Happy New Month Lovelies💫

Party season is officially here, aka December 💃🏾. In Nigeria, if there’s no jollof rice at a party, it is simply a gathering 😂. And if there’s no plantain on offer, the party is mediocre 🤣. So here I am, kicking party season the way I know best, with a bowl of jollof 🍚, baked plantain, stir-fried tempeh with🌶 red onions and bell peppers, and some lightly steamed 🥦. I may be biased, so I’ll let you be the judge. Does this look like a party in bowl? 😉

PS I already have a recipe for jollof rice on my blog https://veganbysomi.com/vegan-plant-based-vegetable-jollof-rice/ I’ll add a link to my stories too.

The plantains I just baked in the oven. For the stir fry, I baked the in the oven tempeh until it was golden brown. Then I stir fried onions, and garlic until they soft before adding the bell peppers and tempeh. I stirred in chilli sauce and sweet chilli sauce, stir fried for 2-3 minutes before serving with the remaining components of the bowl 😊

Happy Saturday! Much Love, Somi 💙

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