Happy New Week Friends! ~ I’m starting my week with a lovely #buddhabowl of quin…


Happy New Week Friends!
I’m starting my week with a lovely #buddhabowl of quinoa,?, courgettes, kalettes and chickpeas cooked in a spicy sweet ? sauce.
Plant-based diets are trending right now. I get messages from people who are trying to go 100% plant-based but are struggling to give up all meat-based products. If you’re that person, please understand that you don’t have to them all up if you’re doing it for health reasons only. People in parts of the blue zone areas live long, healthy lives and still incorporate some high-quality meat products into their diets. Nutrition is not black and white, one size doesn’t fit all. I’ve always maintained that 85% plant-based is an excellent target to aim for. That’s said, here are some tips to help you increase the number of plants in your diet.
1. Eat more of the foods you already like. You probably already eat several plant-based meals. If, for example, you enjoy peanut butter on toast for breakfast, eat that more often than you would sausage and eggs.
2. Mix your favourite flavours with plant proteins. If you love sesame oil, ginger, and soy sauce with chicken, they are just as delicious with tofu.
3. Use lentils instead of minced or ground meats. Lentils make an excellent substitute for minced beef in bolognese.
4. Instead of eggs, meat or chicken put canned beans or lentils into soups and salads.
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