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It’s a misconception that healthy eating has to be expensive. It’s possible to eat cups of veggies, fresh fruit and lean proteins for just pennies a meal. It could take some prep and planning, but even the $7 day includes a store bought wrap! Double tap if you want me to do more of these and tag a friend who is a savvy shopper. ⁣⁣⠀
Breakfast: 2 lb apples = $2.29, eggs were $1.99 per dozen, which works out to $0.38 per apple and $0.33 for 2 eggs. Add tablespoons of natural peanut butter for only a few cents more. ⁣⁣⠀
Lunch: the tuna wrap was store bought from @traderjoes for $3.99 and would likely be under $2 to make yourself. Cucumbers were $2.29 for 6, thus $0.76 for 2 sliced cucumbers. ⁣⁣⠀
Dinner: wow! What a delicious and inexpensive meal!! I placed a whole spaghetti squash in the oven for 45 minutes at 350°, rotating mid way. The whole squash was $2.49 and made about 10 cups. 1/4 of the squash, 2 1/2 cups, was only $0.62!!! The organic tofu block was only $1.79. I eat 1/3 of the block at a time, which works out to $0.62 per serving for a lean, plant-based protein! I cubed and sautéed it in a pan with a sprinkle of seasoning. I served it with 1/4 cup of marinara. The jar cost $1.79 and contains about 2 1/4 cups, making each serving $0.20. ⁣⁣⠀
Feel free to add additional protein, fats and starches to the day as needed. This is just one sample without snacks, but I am happy to do more versions if you’d like xoxo ⁣Ilana ⁣⠀
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