“HEALTHY” SALAD vs. PIZZA . Are you making this dieting mistake? . Eating more …


Are you making this dieting mistake? .
⚠️ Eating more veggies is always a good idea. But, it’s very easy to turn a good thing, into a calorie bomb.
🤯 Take this example of a “healthy” salad. Sure, it tastes great, but by the time you load up on your favorite toppings/dressings/add-ins…you could’ve just had the whole damn pizza!
Here I’m showing you an entire personal pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. This is just an a example, and I’m by no means saying that you should live on pizza. But I want you to realize that if we want to lose weight/burn fat, calories matter.
✅ Instead, build your salad with tons of greens as a base. Then add a portion of grilled protein, 1 serving of fats (ex. avocado, olive oil, cheese, nuts, etc) then add vinegar/lemon to zest it up. You’ll have a tasty filling meal, while keeping your calories in check.
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