I know this looks super messy but it was so delicious! – I’ve made my signature …


I know this looks super messy but it was so delicious!

I’ve made my signature salad with a Dijon and sweet chilli dressing (the recipe for this on my other page @wellnesswithsomi), roasted 🥔, crushed 🥑 with beetroot Chickpea patties 😋

I used to make my bean patties with a little bit of flour to hold them together, but I find that it makes them extremely dry once baked. I’ve recently started leaving out the flour. This makes the patties break apart extremely easily but they’re very moist inside and I prefer that 💯. They also work way better in sandwiches and burgers especially once you add burger sauce, mayo or ketchup 😋 Okay, I’m even making myself hungry imagining that as I type so I’ll stop 😅

I asked in my stories if you guys classify honey as vegan or non-vegan and so far most of you think it’s non vegan and avoid it. Some of you eat it only if it’s organic or if it is made locally by someone you know. So does that mean you avoid honey in commercial products too?

If you’re wondering about where I stand, I’ve never been a honey fanatic. I don’t avoid it on purpose, but it’s not something I eat. I’ve seen it snacks that I would like to try but there are always versions without honey in them so I choose those instead. Maybe that means I avoid honey now 🤷🏽‍♀️

Please tell me where you stand 💙

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