I will avoid buying airport food at all costs… why? Because it’s so overpriced…

I will avoid buying airport food at all costs… why? Because it’s so overpriced!!
✈️Tomorrow I head to Turks and Caicos- my flight is very early so I’m ready with my overnight oats, trail mix in a reusable @stasherbag , popcorn and apple. The trip isn’t too long (6 hours including a layover) so I’m taking less snacks than I normally would… but I’m a big snacker so I like to have options!
? I realize the issue around nuts on a plane- I always ask the people next to me if they have allergies. So far i haven’t run into anyone saying “yes” but obviously I wouldn’t eat the trail mix or overnight oats next to them if they did.
?And I always travel with a water bottle because buying water in an airport is so expensive. there’s nothing worse than feeling dehydrated on a flight, and not being able to easily get up and get water. (And when you do it’s in a tiny cup. Thank u, next)
?Some of you have told me that you’re nervous about getting food through security or usually have it taken away.. maybe I’m lucky or I’m just doing it right but this has never happened to me! The overnight oats will solidify and become less liquidy by the time I bring it through security and the rest of the snacks are dry and shouldn’t be an issue. Of course I will bring my water bottle empty (I’ve been that person chugging water in line at security, it’s no fun)
❓Got questions about these travel snacks? Let me know!

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