I wonder if Usain Bolt, Sir Mo Farrah, Serena Williams… or Roger Federer have …


I wonder if Usain Bolt, Sir Mo Farrah, Serena Williams… or Roger Federer have ever sipped Fit Tea… Or marveled over the marketed wonders of Herbalife… Perhaps after a gruelling session they’ve considered swapping out a nutritious meal for a glass of slim fast…?

Of course they haven’t. Whilst the diets of the athletes above may vary, they all consume real food. We idolize these people and believe their sporting abilities make their biological make up different to ours, but they are actually the same as us. Whilst their technical abilities, skill and conditioned fitness is far superior, they also have to monitor and control their lifestyle to fit their goal – just like we do.

Whilst eating a variety of real food, an athlete’s balance of calories consumed will be controlled in relation to the amount of calories they expend. This doesn’t mean that we have to turn our life upside down and take up athletics or tennis. It means we have to be smart enough to realise that the principle demonstrated by most athletes is all the evidence we require. –

The products on the right of this graphic have no relationship with the fundamentals of our biology. They do not nourish, do not do anything that a calorie deficit doesn’t already do, do not alter thermodynamics and do not cleanse us. They do however, cost a lot of money and propose an experience which is simply; unequivocal bullshit. –

We are screwing around with nonsense products, making our own understanding more complicated. We are caught up in mainstream drivel via rumour or unfounded heresay. We eat too many calories and don’t move enough – the fact that 30% of the world is obese is evidence of this. Of that 30% who take active steps to lose fat, I would estimate that a high proportion are using a ludicrous product, strategy or diet, expecting it to get them over the line instead of themselves. But in reality, fat loss is so much cheaper and easier than this – Ask Mo 😉 🤜🤛.
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